Monday, 2 January 2017

Mom and Pop House Tests Low for Radon!

Congratulations to mom and dad Simon for having such a low concentration of radon in their home in Russell, Ontario. My parents live in a single family, 2 story house with a slab on grade foundation in the basement. I deployed a long-term eperm device in their basement on October 1. I recently finished analyzing the device and now I am happy to know they are living in radon safe house with a radon concentration level of 33 Becquerels per cubic meter.
For those who are not aware, radon is an odorless, tasteless, invisible gas that comes from the breakdown of uranium in bedrock and soil beneath houses. This gas infiltrates the house via the basement by seeping through tiny cracks, unnoticeable gaps, sump-pumps, holes, etc. This gas can get trapped in houses and build up to high concentrations. The radon concentration remains unknown in any given house until it is tested. The radon concentration can vary greatly from house to house as there are many variables involved.
Fortunately, my parents no longer have to wonder about radon in their home. They can rest easy knowing they are at a very low risk of developing lung cancer due to radon.
If anyone would like a radon measurement done in their home, feel free to call Simon Air Quality at 613-866-2092 or visit for more information.